Admin Report for December 19, 2017

Financial Report

  • FY 2016 LMIG:  The DOT has authorized payment of $131,000 to the county for FY 2016 LMIG Safety Action Plan dollars.
  • Tourism Report:  The Georgia Department of Economic Development issued a tourism report to Gordon County. In 2016, Tourism impacted Gordon County with $49.21 million in direct tourism expenditures; $2.03million in state tax; $1.35 million in local tax; 470 jobs; and, $9.81 million in payroll.

Significant Projects and Activity

  • Courthouse Renovation:  Ben Carter brought drawings to a meeting last week to show progress on the design process.
  • Animal Shelter: The Bid documents were posted last Friday. Bids are due by 2 p.m. on January 17, 2018.
  • Santek: Has announced written notification of a price increase at the Redbone Ridges Landfill and Public Convenience Centers effective January 1, 2018. The disposal rate at the landfill will increase from $36.25 per ton to $37.70 per ton. The disposal rate at the Convenience Centers will increase from $.10 per pound to $.12 per pound. These increases are at the discretion of Santek pursuant to Section 10.3 of the contract with Santek dated February 1, 2006.
  • Harris Beamer Landfill:  Atlantic Coast Consulting provides methane monitoring at the closed Harris Beamer Landfill. The results did not exceed the lower limits at the compliance points.
  • Firearm Auction:  Gordon County has hired the company that performs our surplus auctions to conduct an auction of firearms that have been abandoned. There are about 160 firearms that must be sold to Federal Firearm licensed dealers according to state law. The last auction resulted in a net to Gordon County of $62,089.90. The auction company will charge a 10% commission, a 10% buyer’s premium and $3,000 in advertising and promotion. This amount is less than the costs from the previous auction.
  • Need for emergency purchase:  Public Works did an outstanding job clearing roads during the last storm. Unfortunately a spreader/salt broke down and one of the motor graders is broken down. In order to be prepared for more bad weather, this equipment needs to be replaced ASAP. Therefore, we need approval to purchase the spreader/hopper for $27,000 and motor grader repair for $30,000. Money is available in the public works budget to pay for this.

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