Admin Report for December 21, 2021


  • CASH AND INVESTMENTS:  This report is in your material for review. The report shows a general fund balance (the county operating fund) on December 17, 2021of $20,032, 258. At this time last year, the general fund balance was $17,072,561. While this is certainly good news, we cannot read too much into this as the totals depend on when checks have cleared such as payroll and other major expenses.
  • SAFETY GRANTS:  Gordon County has received a safety grant award of $8,500 to purchase 4 AED’s to be placed in the Judicial Building. ACCG awards the safety grant to counties that are willing to make significant efforts to provide a safe workplace for elected officials, employees and public. David Gibson who is over risk management under the direction of H.R. director Don Holley runs the safety committee program for the county. Some other savings realized this year that are directly related to Mr. Gibson’s efforts and county employees as a whole include a $62,900 ACCG dividend credit on county insurance and a $36,295 safety discount. These benefits are derived from various safety programs and a low claims history. Those three items saved taxpayers $107,295 this year.
  • ANNUAL AUDIT:  Finance Director, Jason Brown, is continuing a tradition of excellence in financial reporting on behalf of Gordon County. Our independent auditors are presenting the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to you tonight. This is a higher level of accounting and we expect that it will result in an award for excellence in financial accounting for the sixteenth year in a row.


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  Phase One should be substantially complete in Mid-January 2022. We conducted a walkthrough of the Old Courthouse with Momon construction to review the plans in preparation for the beginning of that project. I expect to review the proposed construction contract for Phase Two with a guaranteed maximum price and bring the Board of Commissioners a recommendation in January.
  • COVID-19:  EMA Director, Courtney Taylor, has provided the following Covid Report.
    “For comparison purposes I am listing the last three weeks of COVID increases for Georgia and Gordon County. You will see Georgia had a large increase in cases this week over the last while Gordon County also rose some but not as much percentage wise. We will continue to monitor numbers and pass along information as it changes.

    • Below are the weekly COVID increase numbers December 20:
      • Georgia cases increased by 15,024
      • Georgia deaths increased by 147
      • Gordon County cases increased by 69
      • Gordon County deaths increased by 1
    • Below are the weekly COVID increase numbers December 13:
      • Georgia cases increased by 7,727
      • Georgia deaths increased by 149
      • Gordon County cases increased by 53
      • Gordon County deaths increased by 3
    • Below are the weekly COVID increase numbers December 6:
    • Georgia cases increased by 6,424
    • Georgia deaths increased by 120
    • Gordon County cases increased by 41
    • Gordon County deaths increased by 0”
  • CITY OF CALHOUN ANNEXATION REQUESTS. Gordon County has received a request to annex the following properties into the city of Calhoun:
    • Parcel 058-032 being 28.50 acres on Bellwood Road for A-1 to Industrial G
    • Parcel 058-033 being 28.65 acres on Bellwood Road for A-1 to Industrial G
    • Parcel 058-030 being 5.57 acres on Bellwood for C-5 to Industrial G
    • Parcel 034-007D being 29.73 acres on Hwy 53 from A-1 to PRD
    • Parcel 056B-110 being 1.2 acres on Lindsey Lane from R-4 to R-2
  • HARBOR ROAD. The County is expecting to install concrete next Monday. The projected opening date is still in February.
  • REDBONE RIDGES LANDFILL. Georgia EPD has conducted its annual inspection and assigned 90 performance points out of 100. Maintaining compliance is the responsibility of the Contractor, Republic Services. Comments or discrepancies noted by EPD are: Pumping Storm water to sediment basins is not a long term approved design, needs plan to collect and store sediment; police all blown litter; and, continue seeding and grassing disturbed areas.

Author: Keith King

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