2013 Firefighters of the Year

Gordon County Fire Rescue recently announced the recipients of the 2013 Career Firefighter and Paid-Per-Call (PPC) (formerly known as Volunteer) Firefighter of the Year.

Congratulations to Sergeant Adam Diskey, who was selected as the Career Firefighter of the Year, and to Josh Lawrence, who was selected as the PPC Firefighter of the Year.

IMG_0317Sergeant Diskey has been with the department since 2006. Sergeant Diskey is always willing and waiting to jump on every project presented to him. Most recently, he has completed the course of study to become a certified apparatus driver/operator, and he was instrumental in utilizing a computer and a free software program in helping complete the concept drawings for the replacement Station 6 in Red Bud.  “He has pretty steady hands and an artistic ability as well,” said Deputy Chief Sutton.  “We had the the interior of Headquarters/Station 1 painted last year.  FF Diskey took on the challenge of creating and painting a mural of our department patch on the entrance wall of the station.  He did a great job, in my opinion.  Of course, I know he would be remiss if I gave him all the credit, as he did have a little help from a few others in the department, and they do deserve the credit too, but Adam led the charge and the whole team did a tremendous job.”

IMG_0314Josh Lawrence has only been with the department for a very short while. He began his service in 2012. As a member of Station 2 in the Sonoraville Community, Josh was quickly thrust into the supervision side of the department. With the station coordinator of Station 2 having sold his home and moved from the community, Josh was asked to step up and lead the members of Station 2. “He has taken on the challenge I presented him with and has been very instrumental in the activities of the Sonoraville Station. Since taking on the coordinators role, Josh has worked to have the station exterior repainted, the station sign replaced, and has even completed a “spring cleaning,” if you will, of the interior of the station,” said Fire Chief David Hawkins.

County Administrator John King said, “I’d like to say thank you to you two gentlemen, as well as to the rest of the employees of Gordon County Fire Rescue for the job you do. Having had a fire of my own, I have seen first hand what it is that you guys do, and I respect and appreciate all the hard work, the many hours of training, and everything else that goes into what you guys do to help us have the best fire department we can have. I’m proud of our fire department here in Gordon County.”

On behalf of the rest of the Gordon County Fire-Rescue Department staff, and myself, congratulations and thank you to both of these men for their accomplishments,” said Fire Chief David Hawkins, “it’s great to have guys like these on our team!”


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