2014 Paving Materials

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed written bids from qualified vendors to provide Public Works Related Materials and Services for 2014.  See the various bid specifications below:

Bids were Opened at 2PM on January 8, 2014 – The results are below:

Signs were awarded as follows:
American Fiber for Road Name Sign Blanks
Custom Products for post, cones, some letters and other odds and ends
Vulcan Signs for most Aluminum signs
Sign Bids

Culverts were awarded to  Cherokee Culvert for 2 oz. zinc pipe and
to  Southeast Culvert for 10/0 Polymer
Culvert Bids

Right Away Chemicals were awarded to Calhoun Farm Supply
Right Away Chemicals

Stone was awarded to Vulcan Materials Co.
Sone Bid

Teeth and Blades

Bid Documents

2014-PW102E Signs

2014-RD102A Culverts

Right a way Chemicals
2014-PW102F Right A Way Chem

2014-RD102C Stone

Teeth, Blades and Bits
2014-RD102D Teeth Blades


Author: Charmon VanDyke

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