2016-PW103 Paving Materials and Services

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed written bids from qualified vendors to provide Public Works Related Materials and Services. Bid specifications and bid forms are attached.

The Paving related bids were opened at 2 p.m. on Wednesday March 2nd below are the bids for each category:
Asphalt Paving Material:  Bids Asphalt Materials

Culverts: Bids Culverts

Pavement Markings: Bid Pavement Markings

Right Away Chemicals: Bid Rightaway Chemicals

Signs: Bids Signs

Stone: Bid Stone

Teeth and Blades: Bid Teeth Blades

Paving Materials Revision #2 (see below):
2016-PW103 Asphalt Paving Revision 2

Paving Materials Revision #1 Completely Replaces previous (see below)
2016-PW103 Asphalt Paving Revision 1

Metal Culverts (see below)
2016-PW103 Culverts

Pavement Markings (see below)
2016-PW103 Pavement Markings

Right Away Chemicals (see below)
2016-PW103 Right A Way Chem

Signs (see below)
2016-PW103 Signs

Stone (see below)
2016-PW103 Stone

Teeth and Blades (see below)
2016-PW103 Teeth Blades

Author: Charmon VanDyke

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