2018-EM101 Debris Removal

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners requests proposals from qualified contractors for Debris Removal and Disposal Services for a period of three (3) years. It is the intent of this solicitation to enter into a pre-event contract, which would result in no immediate cost to Gordon County, Georgia. This solicitation by Gordon County Board of Commissioners will result in the selection of up to two experienced firms to remove and lawfully dispose of disaster-generated debris (other than household putrescible garbage) from public property and public right-of-ways, and to setup and operate Temporary Debris Staging and Reduction Sites (TDSRS) in Gordon County, Georgia immediately after a disaster.

Ceres Environmental and Crowder Gulf.

Question & Answers from potential Bidders below:
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Bid Document:
2018-EM101 Debris Removal

Good Faith Attachment
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Author: Charmon VanDyke

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