2020-PW104 Paving Materials and Services

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed written bids from qualified suppliers to provide Public Works Related Materials and Services.

To include – Asphalt Paving Materials, Metal Culverts, Pavement Marking Services, Right of Way Chemicals, Various Signs and materials, Stone, and Teeth and Blades.

2020-PW104 Recommendation

See bid packages below:
2020-PW104 Asphalt Paving
No bids received

2020-PW104 Signs
All bids rejected

2020-PW104 Stone
No bids received

2020-PW104 Culverts
2020-PW104 Pavement Markings
2020-PW104 Right A Way Chem
2020-PW104 Teeth Blades

Author: Charmon VanDyke

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