Admin Report for February 26, 2019


  • BUDGET:  The Departments Heads, Constitutional Officers, Elected Officials and Agencies that participate in the annual budget process have received their budget packets that will be used to assist the budget planning for F/Y 2019-2020.
  • CASH AND INVESTMENT REPORT:  The report of Cash and Investments dated February 18, 2019 is in your material for review.


  • FLOODING:  Gordon County had 22 roads closed due to high water between February 18-24 and 5 water rescue calls. Waters are receding at the moment and, hopefully, some roads may be re-opened today.
  • BROADBAND READINESS:  County Staff has begun a conversation with the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission about being certified as a Broadband Ready Community.
  • TAYLOR BRIDGE ROAD:  The County Building Inspector, EMA Director and Public Works Director acted as hearing officers as required by the ULDC to consider the request of Marvin Taylor to re-name South Holcomb Road to Taylor Bridge Road. This hearing was properly advertised in the Calhoun Times and notice was mailed to the households affected by the name change. After receiving testimony and evidence, the hearing officers found legitimate public reasons to change the name of South Holcomb Road between the railroad tracks and Taylor Bridge Road to Taylor Bridge Road.
  • BROOKSHIRE PARK:  County staff has recorded a brief video of the impact of the recent flooding on Brookshire Park. The Architects have received a copy of this video and we will evaluate the feasibility of the renovations contemplated by this 2012 SPLOST project.
  • SPLOST/CAPITAL PROJECTS:  County Staff met with the Architect on February 6 to continue planning and design for the Multi-Purpose Agriculture and Event facility, the addition to the Senior Center, new morgue and evidence building. The county also met with the NWGRC to determine the availability of grant funding to assist the senior center project and determined money would not be available until 2020, if then.
  • EMS:  The Quality Review Committee (QRC) met on February 12. Courtney Taylor took over as Chairman of the QRC.
  • GORDON/FLOYD JOINT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY:  The Joint Development Authority met on February 20 and there may be a buyer for the real estate it owns in Floyd County.
  • ROADS:  Public Works has submitted its DOT centerline mile report. Gordon County reported 555.74 paved miles and 4.14 unpaved roads for a total of 559.88 roads in Gordon County.
  • 2020 CENSUS:  County Staff participated in Census training in Bartow County to begin planning for the next decennial census.
  • AIRPORT AUTHORITY:  Keith King and I attended an Airport Authority meeting and heard a report from the Aviation Division of the DOT.
  • SDS/HB 489:  The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has informed Gordon County and its cities that the recent update of the Service Delivery Strategy for Gordon County and the Cities of Calhoun, Fairmount, Plainville, Ranger and Resaca meets all applicable requirements.

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