Admin Report for March 20, 2018


  • BUDGET:  Since March 10th, the Finance Department and I have conducted at least 16 in person budget meetings covering about 26 county departments/organizations. We have about four remaining departmental meetings. The budget process is on or ahead of schedule.


  • Animal Shelter:  The footings are poured and some plumbing has been installed. The contractor is waiting on delivery of the trench drains and then the pad will be poured.
  • Courthouse:  We expect the Architects to present a proposed bid package any day now. We have continued to meet with the Chief Superior Court Judge and other departments to plan for the effects of the anticipated construction.
  • E911:  Regarding last night’s storms, E911 reports “we had no power outages, no trees down and no weather related accidents.  Call volume was low with only 99 calls in the 12 hour period.” As always, thanks to all public safety and public works personnel who were prepared to respond to storm conditions, if it had become necessary.
  • Tire Amnesty:  Santek will host a Tire Amnesty Day on Saturday April 14, 2018. On this day, Gordon County residents will be able to dispose of up to 10 car or truck tires that are off of the rim and at no charge.
  • HB 489 Service Delivery Strategy:  Gordon County will host a Service Delivery Strategy meeting in the Administration conference room on Monday April 2, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. This will be an informational and planning session to identify the relevant law, review the existing plan as amended and schedule dates for further meetings.

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