Admin Report for October 19, 2021


  • CASH REPORT:  The October cash report is available for your review. The reported General Fund Balance is $18,193,714.
  • TAX BILLS:  I spoke with our Tax Commissioner, Scott Clements, yesterday and Tax Bills will be mailed very soon.


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  Phase One of the project remains on schedule and remains within the budget so far. The expected project completion for Phase One is to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy in January; installation of FF&E in February; occupants move in during March; and, it should be open in April. We are opening bids for the remainder of FF&E tomorrow. Phase Two drawings of the Main Courthouse have been submitted to the Magistrate Court, Probate Court and Elections for final approval.
  • JUVENILE COURT:  The renovations are 95% should be complete.
  • HARBOR ROAD:  Foundation work is underway and concrete is being poured. The road has remained closed since the culverts were washed out during the major flood in late March of this year.
  • COVID-19 TASK FORCE:  The task force met this morning and received reports from around the community indicating a continued low numbers of Covid-19 cases. Advent Gordon Hospital which is licensed for 69 patients currently has 85 patients. 19 of those patients are Covid positive (20 two weeks ago) 94% of the patients hospitalized for Covid are not fully vaccinated. Moderna has now been approved for booster shots.
  • ORDINANCE AMENDMENT REGARDING COMMERCIAL CHICKEN OPERATIONS:  Commissioners Cunningham and Potts hosted a roundtable discussion of people who have expressed concern for and against the expansion of major poultry farms in the county. Information gathered at this discussion will be helpful in making possible revisions to the Ordinance.
  • CALHOUN ANNEXATION NOTICE:  Calhoun has informed me that the Request to Annex property into the City of Calhoun for 67 acres at 858 Chatsworth Highway (Highway 225) being parcels 054A-147, 148 and 149 has been withdrawn.
  • BROOKSHIRE PARK:  We expected to receive a decision on the grant application this month. However, the review is running behind at the Federal Level.
  • DUMP TRUCKS:  We are receiving delivery of two new dump trucks today.

Author: Keith King

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