Administrator’s Report 3/17/2015

Finance Update:

  • Budget Preparation: Most FY 2015-16 budget requests have been received. The Personnel Department is finalizing pay and benefit estimates, and the Finance Department will begin scheduling Departmental budget meetings next week to review requests.

Project Update:

  • Parking Deck Construction: Piedmont Street was reopened last week following the installation of prefab concrete sections. Plumbing, electrical, and remaining concrete work are ongoing. The project is on schedule to be completed next month with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in May.
  • Red Bud Road Fire Station: Concrete footings are being poured today, and the concrete slab should be poured next week once the block has been laid and drain lines installed. The building steel is scheduled for delivery in late April. Dan Bumgardner will provide a project update during the next work session.
  • George Chambers: Public Works removed the previous modular unit, and the architect is finalizing plans for Fire Inspector review. The architect will be on site this week to evaluate the site preparation and adjust plans, if needed, prior to submission to the county.
  • Mental Health Facility: A cross-organizational team was established to evaluate proposals. The Gordon Hospital, Cherokee Judicial Circuit, Voluntary Action Center, and District Attorney have all agreed to provide representatives on this panel. The Purchasing Department is distributing copies of the RFQs for evaluation and scheduling panel sessions.
  • Resaca Battlefield: The State’s contractor continues to perform trail and grounds improvements; however, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) advised that the work has not progressed as quickly as anticipated. Work pending includes a new front gate and trail location markers. DNR suggested a joint site visit in early April.
  • Road Projects:
    • Brookshire Road: The County is continuing to seek EPD approval for improvements to Brookshire Road. EPD requires approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE). The USACOE recently requested an on-site meeting, and our civil engineer, Mark Shamblin, is working with the corps to schedule a time for the site visit. The project will commence later this year if no further external delays occur.
    • Covington Bridge Road: The Public Works department is working with adjacent property owners to mitigate concerns of potential flooding related to raising the elevation of Covington Bridge Road. Engineers have completed a hydrology study of the area, and the project is targeted for FY2015-16 execution if no unexpected project requirements delay the project.

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