Administrator’s Report for May 5, 2015

Finance Update:

  • Budget Preparation:  The Finance Committee has reviewed all of the FY 2015-16 budget requests. The Finance Department and Administrator are preparing a budget recommendation for the Board of Commissioners.
  • Sales Tax:  April LOST revenue fell 1.42% ($7,781.15) and SPLOST revenue fell 1.36% ($10,530.80) from the prior year collections. Fiscal year to date collections remains positive with a 2.71% LOST increase and a 1.36% SPLOST increase (report attached).

Project Update:

  • Parking Deck Construction:  A ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted and the parking deck was opened on May 1st, 2015. A certificate of substantial completion was received from POH Architects and minor punch list items continue to be addressed.
  • Red Bud Road Fire Station:  The steel was delivered the construction site, and the contractors have begun assembling materials. We expect steel erection to begin this week.
  • George Chambers:  A final design meeting was held with KCP Architects and the George Chambers staff on April 30th last week to confirm the bid documents prior to advertisement. Jack Killian is working with the Gordon County Purchasing Department to prepare the advertisement for publishing on May 13, 2015 for a June 16 bid opening date.
  • Mental Health Facility:  All of the Mental Health service providers delivered presentations to the evaluation panel last week. After careful consideration of all proposals, the panel made a recommendation that that has been submitted to the Commissioners.
  • Courthouse Renovation:  Following the agreement to purchase swing space for the courthouse renovation, Environmental Air Quality Professionals Inc. was identified to perform an initial visual inspection and survey of the building at 215 N. Wall Street. An initial report was received and under review by POH Architects and county staff.

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