Awarded Bid: Dump Truck Revised 9/27/2012

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed written bids from qualified vendors for the purpose of purchasing one (1) new current model year Tandem Axle Dump 56,000 GVWR Truck with diesel engine and 15 cu. Yard dump body.

Awarded — Yancy Truck Centers

Bid Tab – Bids Opened 10-3-2012


REVISION 5 – 9/27/2013
Revised Spec eliminating snow plow mounts

R 5-2013-RD102S

REVISION 4 – 09/25/2012
Revised Specs Regarding Transmission

R 3-2013-RD102S

REVISION 3 – 09/24/2012
Revised Specifications and new Bid Deadline

R 32013-RD102C     R 3-2013-RD102S

REVISION 2 09/05/2012 –
Revised Specification to include manual transmission and insulated dump bed body

R 2-2013-RD102S

REVISION 1 – 08/29/2012
The following replace the previous bid conditions and bid specifications originally published.

R12013-RD102C   &  R12013-RD102S

Bid Opening Date September 19, 2012 at 2PM
Bid Conditions

Bid Specifications

Author: Charmon VanDyke

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