County / City Joint Public Safety Announcement

A Joint Public Safety Announcement By
The City of Calhoun and Gordon County Fire Chiefs

Due to the extreme drought, dry conditions, and high winds, City of Calhoun Fire Chief Lenny Nesbitt and Gordon County Fire Chief Doug Ralston declare an immediate county-wide temporary ban on all types of outdoor open burning, including campfires, open cooking fires, warming fires, and bonfires. This shall also include a State of Georgia ban on the use of Consumer fireworks.

This ban on open burning is supported by the Gordon County Board of Commissioners Resolution of November 4th, 2016, officially banning all types of outdoor fires, and the City of Calhoun Code of Ordinances, Section 50-133, prohibiting fires during hazardous conditions. In other words, do not light any outdoor fires or shoot any fireworks while this ban is in effect.

GCFD, CFD and 9-1-1 are getting calls for smoke in all areas of the city and county. This smoke is coming from the many large wildfires burning north and northeast from us.

Call 9-1-1 if you see active fire or columns of smoke from a specific area, but please be aware that smoke is wide spread across the area.

Chief Ralston and Chief Nesbitt want to ensure that the public understands the serious danger associated with open burning during this drought event. Failure to comply with the request of no open burning may result in penalties for the responsible party.

Please also remember to be safe during the upcoming holiday seasons with cooking and decorations in your homes and businesses.

From: Chief Lenny Nesbitt and Chief Doug Ralston

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