Conservation Use Covenant (CUVA) Information

The Gordon County Board of Assessors Release Conservation Use Covenant (CUVA) Information

Chief Appraiser Dana Burch of the Gordon County Tax Assessor’s Office and the members of the Gordon County Board of Assessors has recently released information concerning the Conservation Use Covenant (CUVA).

The Conservation Use Covenant states that the taxpayer agrees to keep his property in a “good faith” farming use for the life of the covenant exemption which is 10 years. During this 10 year period the land is valued according to schedules provided by the Georgia Department of Revenue. These values are based on the productivity of each type of soil in the state of Georgia. The values are provided to the county Board of Assessors on an annual basis. The exemption does provide that the covenant value cannot increase more than 3% in one year, and also that it cannot exceed more than a 34.39% increase during the life of the 10 year covenant. This methodology is implemented consistently and uniformly, by the appraisal staff, among all properties that are subject to the covenants.

Chief Appraiser Burch stated, “The Board of Assessors and I encourage all taxpayers to visit the Tax Assessor’s Office regarding these exemptions. Our trained staff can further explain CUVA and offer printed materials from the Department of Revenue and the Cooperative Extension Office concerning this covenants.

Since all exemptions and covenants cause shifts in the property tax burden of this county, the Gordon County Tax Assessor’s office and the Board of Assessors work diligently to ensure that these exemptions and covenants are implemented fairly, consistently, correctly, and in accordance to O.C.G.A. 48-5.

To read more about CUVA and to find answers to the frequesntly asked questions concerning CUVA, please visit

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