Absentee Voting by Mail

Absentee ballots through the mail:
Any eligible voter requesting an absentee ballot through the mail must submit a request in writing to the Gordon County Board of Elections and Voter Registration Office. You do not have to provide a reason when requesting an absentee ballot by mail. The application may either be mailed to the Gordon County Board of Elections and Voter Registration Office at PO Box 715, Calhoun, GA 30703-0715 or faxed to (706) 629-7198. To ensure that you have time to receive your ballot and have it returned back to us by Election Day, we recommend you make your request as early as possible.

  • To request an absentee ballot by mail:
    1. Print the application by clicking here.
    2. Fill out the application completely. (Be sure you fill out all appropriate fields and sign the application.)
    3. Send the application to the Gordon County Board of Elections by one of the following methods:
      • Fax the application to the Board of Elections and Registration office at (706) 629-7198
      • Mail your ballot to Gordon County Board of Elections PO Box 715 Calhoun, GA 30703-0715
      • Email your ballot to shicks@gordoncounty.org
    4. Your application will be reviewed and upon approval, an absentee ballot will be mailed to your address.
    5. When you have completed the ballot, it may either be delivered in person or mailed to our office.

**Please Note** Each individual must deliver his or her own ballot unless the individual is physically disabled.

Click here for instruction on how to complete an absentee ballot application