New Hire Orientation

Primary Employee Forms

Step 1)  Complete the Employee Information, W-4, G-4, and I-9 forms

Step 2)  Complete the W2 and 1095 eDelivery Consent Form

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deductions

Step 3)  Complete the Direct Deposit form

Step 4)  United Way Pledge Form
Please note that if you do not wish to participate, there is a checkbox at the bottom right to indicate that you do not want to participate.

Policies and Ordinances

Step 5)  PLEASE NOTE:  It is very important that you take some time to read the following Ordinances and Policies:

Step 6)  Once you have read and understood the Ordinances and Policies listed above, please Acknowledgment Form linked below.

Workers’ Compensation

Step 7) Please review the pdf link of the Workers Compensation Panel of Physicians.  Workers’ Compensation Poster

Step 8)  After review the Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians, please complete the Notice of Workers’ Compensation Procedures.

Step 9)  Please complete the Post Employment Medical Inquiry Form

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Packet:  Click the link below for an Employee Benefits Packet

Retirement:  An employee can not sign up for retirement until their 30th day of employment.

Insurance:  An employee can not sign up for health insurance until their 90th day of employment.