Chert Mine

Chert MineThe Chert Mine, under the direction of the Public Works Director and with manpower assistance from the Public Works Department, is responsible for mining chert from the county’s 114.62 acre chert mine and crushing, stockpiling, and loading it. The chert is used as a road building material for county road projects and is sold to the general public. Since the revenues generated from the sale of chert do not cover all of the Chert Fund’s expenses, the General Fund must transfer funds to the Chert Fund to pay for normal operating expenses.


Fee Schedule:
Chert fee updated as February 1, 2022

  • $40 per load for uncrushed single axle
  • $80 per load for uncrushed tandem axle
  • $65 per load for #2 and #3 single axle
  • $130 per load for #2 and #3 tandem axle



Contact Information:
Steve Parris, Director
State Highway 136 North
Sugar Valley, GA 30746
Phone: 706-629-2785
Fax: 706-629-9976

Driving Directions

Hours of Operation:
Call 706-629-2785 at least 24 hours ahead to schedule service.
Service is available Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm