Current Bids and Requests for Proposals

Welcome to the Gordon County Bid & RFP page. Below is a listing of current bids and proposals that are being accepted. If you would like additional information, you may e-mail Charmon VanDyke

When submitting a Bid or RFP, please reference the Bid/RFP number with all Bid/RFP submittals. Be sure to clearly label the Bid/RFP number on the outside of all sealed Bids/RFP’s that are submitted.

Bids/RFPs may be revised from time to time, please check back on this page to check for revisions. This listing of Bids & RFP’s represents potential purchases by Gordon County. Often, the aquisition of quotes for many items (not listed here) is performed at the user department level. These quotes are then later evaluated by the Purchasing Division.

Gordon County also distributes bid information through “Find RFP“. Find RFP works to bring together government agencies to provide a more efficient and convenient bidding process.

All bids are in pdf format, which is viewable with Adobe Reader.

To see results of a Bid/RFP go to Bid and RFP Results Page

Fuel System

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The Gordon County Board of Commissioners will be accepting sealed written Bids from qualified vendors to furnish and install fuel dispensing, fuel control systems and controller and tank monitoring and testing systems replacing existing equipment. If you choose to submit a Bid for this service and products, the County requires the vendor to submit one (1) sealed original printed bid/proposal (faxes not accepted) and one (1) electronic copy of the bid/proposal.  Your sealed bid/proposal must be marked, “Fuel System Replacement” and delivered...

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Public Works Paving and Related Materials

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2022-PW104Teeth Blades Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Culverts Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Pavement Markings Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Right of Way Chem Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Signs Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Stone Re-Bid 2022-PW104 Asphalt Paving Re-Bid The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed written bids from qualified suppliers to provide Public Works Related Materials and Services to include – Metal Culverts, Pavement Marking Services, Right of Way Chemicals, Signs, Asphalt Paving, and Stone.   Bid packages may be obtained on the county’s web site,...

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