Replacement of Red Bud Fire Station 6

The Replacement of Red Bud Fire Station 6 is a SPOST funded project.  The estimated project cost was to be for $4,500,000.00.  On January 6, 2015, Gordon County approved the contract with Calhoun Commercial Construction.




Update January 6, 2015

County Administrator John King reported that the construction contract between Gordon County and Calhoun Commercial Construction was received and determined to be acceptable by the County Attorney. This document is presented to the Commission for approval.

County Attorney Ledbetter advised that the contract has been finalized and it is ready to be presented to the Board for consideration of approval. This is a fixed sum contract in the amount of $1,521,795, which includes a contingency of $66,165 that would be returned to us if unused, and includes allowances. The contract will begin January 15 and will end August 15, 2015.

Commissioner Cunningham made a motion to approve the contract with Calhoun Commercial Construction and to allow the Chairman to execute the contract. Commissioner Steward seconded the motion and Commissioners Cunningham, Steward, Gazaway, and Sexton voted aye. Motion passed.




Update November 4, 2014

County Administrator, John King, reported that an updated construction plan with cost estimates were received by the county staff and are being presented to the Board of Commissioners by Calhoun Commercial Construction. A contract will be then be prepared for approval.

Mr. Dan Bumgardner, with Calhoun Commercial Construction, came before the Board to give an update of the progress of construction on the replacement fire station in Redbud. Several questions from Board members were answered by Mr. Bumgardner.

Purchasing Director, Martin Vaughn, advised the Board that he is recommending that the Board approve the pricing structure (attached) submitted by Calhoun Commercial Construction to the Board concerning the new fire station; and that the county attorney begin working with Calhoun Commercial Construction to get a contract that reflects the pricing summary and the normal terms and conditions for a design/build agreement. This recommendation is contingent upon Calhoun Commercial Construction obtaining a construction permit from the Gordon County Building Inspection department, insurance certifications, and performance and material bonds.

Commissioner Cunningham made a motion to approve the recommendations. Commissioner Gazaway seconded the motion and Commissioners Cunningham, Gazaway, Sexton, and Steward voted aye. Motion passed.




Update October 21, 2014

County Administrator, John King, reported that the Calhoun Commercial Construction (CCC) final cost estimate delivery date was extended until 28 October. CCC agreed to present the estimate with building plans at the next work session scheduled for 4 November.




Update October 7, 2014

County Administrator, John King, reported that the cost estimates received from Calhoun Commercial Construction (CCC) contained inconsistent sub-contractor bids. CCC agreed to submit a revised cost estimate and final drawings by October 10th.




Update September 16, 2014

County Administrator, John King, reported that the preliminary cost estimates have been received for the Red Bud Fire Station (1.7 million) and that the county is working through detail issues regarding number of quotes, details on certain bid packages and verifying what was quoted matches specifications.



Update September 2, 2014

County Administrator, John King, reported that the purchasing department has received and will be validating the cost estimate provided by Calhoun Commercial Construction for building the Red Bud Road Fire Station. Once this process is complete, a presentation will be provided to the Board of Commissioners during the September 16th or October 7th work session.




Update March 18, 2014

At the March 18, 2015 Board of Commissioner’s Work Session, the Board discussed each item on the agenda and made no changes or additions. During the discussion of the item on the agenda for selection of a builder for the replacement fire station, Fire Chief, Dave Hawkins spoke to the Board about his concerns regarding the selection of the builder for the replacement fire station.

At the March 18, 2015 Board of Commissioner’s Regular Session, the Board voted and chose a design / builder.

Attorney Smith advised that this is for the Board to approve their selection of a design/build group for the replacement fire station at Cash Road and Highway 156. This is the fire station that will be constructed under SPLOST funding that was approved in the previous SPLOST election.

Commissioner Cunningham made a motion to select Calhoun Commercial Construction as the design/builder for the replacement fire station. Also to approve appointing a construction committee to consist of the Fire Chief, the County Administrator, the County Building and Grounds Director, the Purchasing Director and two County Commissioners, to take part in the design and to oversee the building to make sure everything goes smoothly. Commissioner Steward seconded the motion and Commissioners Cunningham, Sexton, Gazaway, and Steward voted aye. Motion passed.




Update on March 4, 2014

At the March 4, 2015 Board of Commissioner’s Work Session, Mr. Dan Bumgardner and Mr. Thomas Greeson with Calhoun Commercial Construction came before the Board at the request of Commissioner Sexton to give further information and answer some questions regarding their company designing and building the proposed replacement fire station. Their company’s chosen architect also answered questions from the Board. No further action was taken by the Board.




Update on February 18, 2014

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Original Post on November 12, 2013

Replacement GCFR Sta. 6 (Red Bud)

Replacement GCFR Sta. 6
(click for larger image)

Gordon County Fire-Rescue staff recently presented to the Gordon County Board of Commissioners their conceptual drawings of what they would like concerning the replacement fire station #6 in the Red Bud community.

During the Tuesday, November 5, regularly scheduled work session, Fire Chief David Hawkins spoke for his firefighters as he presented a computerized ‘virtual tour’ of the replacement facility (view the virtual tour at the end of this article).  Chief Hawkins began his presentation by reminding the board of the recent purchase of property for the new facility,  “Having recently purchased the property adjacent to the existing station, the county now has the ability to proceed with replacing the existing station, which sits at the corner of Hwy 156 (Red Bud Road) and Cash Rd.,” he said.

Funding for this replacement station will come from the voter approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, which has several projects for the fire department.  Installation of new fire hydrants being one, construction of a replacement fire station is another.

Replacement Sta. 6 (Red Bud) Concept Drawing 1

Replacement GCFR Sta. 6
(click for larger image)

While Chief Hawkins worked with the county concerning the purchase of the adjacent property to the current station #6, he and the rest of the department staff were also busy putting together their version of what they would like to see as their next facility for serving the citizens of Gordon County.  “We learned a lot from the process when we built the Resaca station a few years back,” Chief Hawkins said.  “With input and suggestions from all levels within the department, I’ve compiled a list of things we should have done and things we shouldn’t do again.  We are very understanding in today’s economy of the need to stretch every penny as far as we can and we want to be the best stewards of the taxpayer’s money on this project.  The fire station is a place of business, but it’s also a home to the firefighters for 1/3 of their lives.  We want them to be comfortable, but we want to be practical as well,” the chief said.

Chief Hawkins, with the aid of other staff from the department, then presented a virtual tour of the facility using the skill of some of the firefighters who composed the tour with the aid of a computer generated model.  “I want you to know this isn’t just my idea. From ideas and input from many, to what you see here tonight, this has been roughly an eight-month process.  From the firefighters to the fire chief, we have all reviewed these conceptual drawings over and over, and we have made changes several times.  Our purpose was to get it to this point, the point where we hope we have thought of everything necessary to accomplish the mission of providing a service to the citizens of Gordon County, but also provide a safe, efficient, usable work and living space for our firefighters,” said the chief.

Replacement GCFR Sta. 6 (click for larger image)

Replacement GCFR Sta. 6
(click for larger image)

The current fire station in Red Bud was initially built as a single bay facility many years ago.  As Gordon County Fire began to grow and more apparatus were purchased, two additional apparatus bays were added for an engine and a tanker truck.  Since the station was all-volunteer at the time, living quarters was not a consideration.  It wasn’t until Thanksgiving Day of 1992 that Gordon County decided to put full-time firefighters at the station.  Deputy Chief Byron Sutton said, “Our Thanksgiving that year consisted of moving into an existing volunteer fire station.  Another firefighter and I were told to pack our things and move to that station.  With no advanced warning or planning, we loaded up everything we owned and hauled it out there and set up shop.  We had no amenities, other than running water and a bed.”  Their first night was spent by the telephone, as it was their only source of dispatch from 911.  “It just wasn’t conducive to living, unless you were a mouse,” Chief Sutton said.  “We began to clean, construct a bunkroom, and to make it work for us.  As firefighters, we learn to improvise, adapt, and overcome.  We did that; we made it livable for us, but I never want to put my firefighters through that.  I want to do right by them.  They work, train, and respond with the utmost enthusiasm for the responsibility they recognize as theirs, the responsibility of protecting their people, the citizens of Gordon County.  They deserve a decent place to work and live for that 24 hours they are on watch.”

Existing GCFR Sta. 6

Existing GCFR Sta. 6
(click for larger image)

After 21 years, the facility hasn’t grown, but the staff has.  The station now houses four firefighters in the same square footage area that existed in 1992 when it only housed two firefighters.  “I commend them,” said Chief Sutton, “They make it work for four.  They’re usually divided when I stop in.  Some are inside, the rest are in the apparatus bay.  This is how they keep from stumbling all over each other, I suppose.  We are all just grateful the voters allowed for the opportunity to give these guys a decent home away from home.”

The commissioners appeared to be pleased with what they saw.  Board Chairman Becky Hood said she was proud of what the fire-rescue department has been doing, and asked that they keep moving forward.

Chief Hawkins then sought approval from the Board of Commissioners to go forward with requesting design/build contractors for the project.  The Board agreed and instructed the chief to meet with the Purchasing Department to continue moving forward with the project.

Chief Hawkins ended his presentation by thanking everyone who was involved with helping the department put the presentation together.  “The fire department staff, Gordon County’s Information & Technology and GIS Departments, were all instrumental in what you’ve seen here today,” he said.

Virtual Tour of Proposed Fire Station 6 from Gordon County on Vimeo.

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