Flood Safety Preparedness Week March 11-15

Public Safety and Public Works Encourages Gordon County Residents to Prepare During
Flood Safety Preparedness Week March 11-15

(Gordon County, GA) – Flooding can happen anytime it rains, with little or no time to prepare and evacuate with your loved ones. Gordon County Emergency Management partners with the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency for Flood Safety Preparedness Week on March 11-15. The week encourages residents and their families to prepare for the event of flooding.

Each day during the week will focus on a different flood safety tip, the dangers of flooding and how Georgians can prepare before flooding happens. Local public safety and public works personnel are encouraging all residents to dedicate time to practicing emergency response procedures and learn how to deal with floods,

“Floods and flash floods can reach full peak in only a few minutes,” said Courtney Taylor, Director of Gordon County Emergency Management. “By taking steps to prepare before it strikes and knowing evacuation routes, you can ensure that you and your family stay safe. We urge all of our citizens to work through communication plans and safety measures at home so they will be ready if or when a flooding event happens. We have seen over the past few weeks just how much affect flooding can have on our community.”

Flood Safety Preparedness Week begins with Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness Day on March 11. Each day offers a different tip on how to prepare.

  • Monday, March 11 – Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness
  • Tuesday, March 12 – Turn Around, Don’t Drown
  • Wednesday, March 13 – Flood Hazards
  • Thursday, March 14 – NWS Water Resources and Services
  • Friday, March 15 – Partner Services

For more information about Flood Safety Preparedness Week visit www.gordoncounty.org or contact Courtney Taylor at ctaylor@gordoncounty.org

Social Media Postings

  • Day 1 (March 11): Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness – Flood Safety Preparedness Week kicks off today! Make a plan with your family. Gordon County residents can get the tips and information here http://ready.ga.gov/Plan/. #FloodSafety
  • Day 2 (March 12): Turn Around, Don’t Drown– Did you know two feet of water can sweep away your car or six inches of fast-moving water can knock you off your feet? Don’t drown, just turn around if flooding does happen. Learn more here http://ready.ga.gov/be-informed/floods-and-flash-floods/
  • Day 3 (March 13): Flood Hazards – Your flooding risk increases if you live at or below sea level! Know your risk and prepare! http://ready.ga.gov/be-informed/floods-and-flash-floods/
  • Day 4 (March 14): NWS Water Resources and Services – Did you know flood insurance is separate from your regular homeowners insurance? Flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect, so purchase now to protect your family! For more information and tips on how to sign up for flood insurance, visit https://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program.
  • Day 5 (March 15): Partner Services – As Flood Safety Preparedness Week comes to a close, preparing for flooding doesn’t end. For more prep tips, visit: https://www.ready.gov/floods or https://www.weather.gov/safety/flood.


About Gordon County Emergency Management
Gordon County Emergency Management is tasked with community wide prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation to natural and manmade disasters. Gordon County Emergency Management accomplishes this through planning, training, and exercises that unite partner agencies within the community for this mission.

About Ready Georgia
Ready Georgia is a statewide campaign designed to educate and encourage Georgians to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, pandemic outbreaks, potential terrorist attacks and other large-scale emergencies. The campaign aims to prepare citizens to maintain self-sufficiency for at least 72 hours following an emergency.

As part of the Office of the Governor, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency collaborates with local, state and federal governments in partnership with private sector and non-governmental organizations to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia website and preparedness campaign provides Georgians with the knowledge needed to effectively prepare for disasters. Go to gema.georgia.gov/ready-georgia for information on developing a custom emergency plan and Ready kit.

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