The Gordon County GIS Department Unveils A New GIS Website

Brian McClellan, Director of the Gordon County Information Technology (IT) Department and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department, along with GIS Manager Donna Reeve would like to announce the release of the new Gordon County GIS website.

The new website replaces what once was served by an outsource company named BinaryBus. The department has switched to using a product from ESRI called ArcGIS Online. It is a service provided by the software vendor the GIS Department uses to create and manage the county’s geospatial data. The GIS Department can now update the existing maps or publish new maps without having to go through a third party vendor. This gives the department the ability to publish new maps and applications but also greater flexibility as to what they can offer citizens, businesses, and other local agencies.

“We are excited about the new site and the future abilities it will provide for the citizens of Gordon County”, says McClellan. “When BinaryBus decided to discontinue operations, we started an extensive search for a new vendor, but we couldn’t really find an option that fit with what we wanted to do. By moving these operations in house, it is more affable, and gives us greater capacity in getting information out to our department in the field. In the future, we want to expand our capabilities to offer data that will be helpful with the county’s economic development endeavors and helping promote tourism. Gordon County has a lot to offer and we want to be able to assist with showcasing these resources.”

The new GIS website can be found at or from any GIS link on the main Gordon County website. Please feel free to click on any of the maps and other resources.

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