Historical Society

The Gordon County Historical Society maintains Oakleigh, one of the most historic homes in the county, maintains a comprehensive library of records of the county’s history, supports the New Echota Historic Museum, maintains local landmarks such as Peter’s Plantation, Dews Pond, various cemeteries including the Resaca Cemetery, and co-sponsors the annual Battle of Resaca Reenactment.

  • Kevin Cunningham, ex officio member
    Term: While Gordon County Commissioner
    Appointing Authority: Gordon County Board of Commissioners

Meetings are held quarterly on the fourth Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Calhoun Depot. Contact James Lay, President at 706-629-1515 or 706-629-2093, 335  S. Wall Street, P.O. Box 342, Calhoun, GA 30703.