Joint Media Release: Response to Weather Emergencies

Sheriff Mitch Ralston, Fire Rescue Chief Doug Ralston, and EMS Director Courtney Taylor are all pleased to announce a new initiative on behalf of their respective agencies in the event of natural and/or weather emergencies. The Sheriff’s Office is uniting with the County Fire Rescue Department and the EMS to provide for a joint response to requests for service in severe weather and other emergencies.

In the event of a weather emergency such as snow/ice storm, flood, or tornado, Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical personnel will be teamed with deputy sheriffs in the Sheriff’s Office’s “BRAVO” Fleet. The Sheriff’s BRAVO trucks are military grade 4WD utility vehicles which are officially marked and equipped with law enforcement radios, blue lights and sirens, as well as being outfitted with other emergency gear. These trucks have become a familiar sight throughout the community in snow, ice, and the aftermath of tornadoes.

The BRAVO trucks were obtained by Sheriff Ralston from a military surplus program at no cost. These trucks have proven themselves since their acquisition, and have been noticed not only by the public but by the leaders of other public safety agencies. As these trucks are capable of going virtually anywhere, in almost any conditions, both Chief Ralston and Director Taylor were impressed with their usefulness. And together with the Sheriff they formulated the new plan. These trucks will be able to travel into areas inaccessible in adverse weather conditions.

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