RFP to Establish Qualifying Broadband Service in Eligible Service Areas

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners is soliciting sealed proposals for the selection of a partner to bring broadband services to unserved areas of the County. The qualified respondent must
be a fixed broadband service provider which will provide “qualifying broadband service” in an “eligible service area”.

If you choose to submit a bid for this service and products, the County requires the vendor submit four (4) sealed original and copy printed bid/proposals (e-mail or faxes are not accepted). Your
sealed bid/proposal must be marked, “Broadband Partnership”, and be delivered to the Gordon County Administration Building at 201 N. Wall Street, Calhoun, Georgia 30701 no later than 2:00
p.m. on August 25, 2021. Proposals submitted after the 2:00PM deadline shall be considered non-responsive and will not be opened. The bid response shall be in the form defined in 4.0
Proposal Package.

Any response received after the deadline date and time shall be returned unopened. Incomplete responses may not be considered if the omissions are determined to be significant. The vendor bid
list will be posted online at www.gordoncounty.org the day after the bid opening.

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept, or reject, any and all bids received and/or disregard informalities in the bids received. If additional information is needed,
contact Regan Bramblett, Gordon County Purchasing Director, at rbramblett@gordoncounty.org

Bid Document

Questions and Answers

Broadband Recommendation

Author: Charmon VanDyke

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