September is National Preparedness Month

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency and Gordon County Emergency Management Agency along with all of Calhoun and Gordon County public safety are using September’s National Preparedness Month to encourage residents to prepare for disasters.

The month-long initiative increases awareness and inspires citizens of Georgia to be prepared for any natural or man-made disaster. Gordon County will join a nationwide coalition of thousands of private, public and nonprofit organizations that is designed to motivate people to take the necessary steps to ensure their homes, workplaces and communities are prepared for disasters and emergencies of all kinds.

“National Preparedness Month is a great chance for people to prepare and evaluate their emergency plan, and if they don’t have one, to make one,” said Courtney Taylor, Gordon County Emergency Management Director.

Citizens and their loved ones can prepare by dedicating a little time each week this month by focusing on the tips below:

  • Make and practice your emergency plans
  • Learn life-saving skills
  • Check your insurance coverage to ensure adequacy and speak to your agent
  • Save for an emergency

Also, residents can learn how to prepare, plan and stay informed of natural and man-made disasters by visiting By creating a Ready profile, Georgians can also create a tailor-made plan for their entire family that includes the specific amount of supplies to put in their household Ready kits. In addition, the Ready Georgia mobile app provides preparedness information on the go.

To learn about specific risks in your area, contact us at 706-602-2905 or

About Gordon County Emergency Management
Gordon County Emergency Management is tasked with community wide prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation to natural and manmade disasters. Gordon County Emergency Management accomplishes this through planning, training, and exercises that unite partner agencies within the community for this mission.

As part of the Office of the Governor, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency collaborates with local, state and federal governments, in partnership with the private sector and non-governmental organizations to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia website and preparedness campaign provides Georgians with the knowledge needed to effectively prepare for disasters. Go to for information on developing a custom emergency plan and Ready kit.

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