Compactor Sites

Hours of Operation:

All compactor sites are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Dews Pond:  (Monday-Saturday)
1049 Cash Road SE Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Phone:  706-676-7396

Harris Beamer:  (Monday – Saturday)
792 Harris Beamer Road SW Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Phone:  706-676-7150

Plainville:  (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday)
188 Franklin Road SW Plainville, GA 30733
Phone:  706-676-8729

Ranger:  (Monday, Friday, and Saturday)
187 Pittman Road SE Ranger, Georgia 30734
Phone:  706-676-7971

Resaca:  (Monday – Saturday)
730 Resaca-LaFayette Road NW Resaca, Georgia 30735
Phone:  706-676-0648

Sugar Valley:  (Monday, Friday, and Saturday)
472 Baugh Mountain Road Sugar Valley, Georgia 30746
Phone:  706-676-0652

Other Information:

Recyclable Material:  no charge

All Compactor Sites:  (cash only)  $0.12 per pound

Redbone Ridges Landfill:  (cash/credit)  $37.70 per ton.  There is a $15.85 minimum for county residents and from their residence.  If not a county resident or not from their residence, the minimum fee is $23.35.   There is an environmental fee of $2.35  per load if under 1 ton or $4.35 if over 1 ton.

All sites are owned/leased by Gordon County and managed by Santek Environmental of Georgia
For more information call 706-629-5633