Severe Weather Preparedness Week, Feb 5-9

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 1
Family Preparedness/NOAA Weather Radio Day –Severe Weather Preparedness Week begins today! Having a communication plan is an essential part of being prepared for severe weather in Gordon County? Not sure where to start with your plan? Visit
to make a plan to keep you and your family connected. #SWPW

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 2
Thunderstorm Safety – Do you know the difference between a thunderstorm watch and a thunderstorm warning? On day two of #SWPW, visit
to learn more about thunderstorms and what to do when watches and warnings are issued in Gordon County.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 3 (Morning)
Tornado Safety – Make sure you know where to seek shelter if a tornado warning is issued because you won’t have much time to act. Shelter on the lowest level of a sturdy building or a basement if available. More tips on sheltering during tornadoes are available at #SWPW.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 3 (Evening)
Tornado Safety – How do you receive tornado warnings? Some communities use sirens, others use a mass notification system, and still, others depend on media to alert residents to severe storms. During #SWPW make sure you have multiple ways to receive warnings. For more information on tornadoes, visit @Ready Georgia’s tornadoes page.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 4
Lightning Safety – Lightning is the #2 weather-related killer in Georgia, behind tornadoes. Know your lightning safety rules! If you hear thunder or see lightning, go indoors. Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder. #SWPW

Severe Weather Preparedness Week – Day 5
Flood Safety – NEVER drive around barricades or through standing water. It only takes one foot to float a full-sized automobile and two feet can sweep it away. To learn more about preparing for floods, review Ready Georgia’s flood safety tips. #SWPW

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